Vietnamese Cold Rolls


Ingredients    1 packet of rice paper wrappers

Filling:            Choose from the ones below:

                        Cold cooked prawns

                        Cold cooked chicken

                        Ham or other cold cooked meat

                        Softened rice vermicelli

                        Spring onion in short lengths


                        Bean sprouts or other sprouts

                        Cucumber in thin lengths

                        Carrot shreds

                        Lettuce shreds

Sauces:          Choose from the ones below:

                        Ketjap manis

                        Fish sauce

                        Teriyaki sauce

                        Hoi sin sauce

                        Oyster sauce

                        Sweet shilli sauce for chicken


                        Tempura dipping sauce




Put a sheet of rice paper in a dish of warm water for about 30 seconds to one minute depending on thickness.  The sheet should be just softened.  Place the sheet of rice paper on a clean dish cloth or board.  Put a small handful of filling on the wrapper and roll half way.  Fold in the sides and continue rolling the wrapper until round.  Set aside on a plate.  Continue making rolls choosing a selection of fillings for each one.  You may add some of the sauce in the with the filling or use the sauces as dipping sauces for the completed rolls.

The rolls can be made up to 2 hours before serving.  Just cover in plastic wrap to prevent the rolls from drying out.



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