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Launceston Store



 Please Phone 6234 5887



Pim will continue to take orders after the shop closes, and we will send goods with SRT to business addresses only (- this is a condition placed by the carrier-SRT) or the SRT depot for collection.

$13 delivery for deliveries up to $50, $7 delivery for up to $100 and free delivery for over $100.  Excludes Beansprouts ($13 sent on their own) unless they are shipped with other goods)

Get together with your friends to place orders together to save on transport costs.

*Special orders of extra stock (goods we order in especially for you) and deliveries will be at normal pricing.

Trade customers with a business address. Please note that Pim will continue to take orders.

Minimum order value of $100 for free delivery

(Delivery charge will vary for other regional centres depending on freight charges (SRT standard best rate).






Shelf stocked with red bean paste, tinned vegetables, vegetarian and snacks foods Fridge with fresh noodle, roti, kim chi and vegetables



Fridge stocked with Fresh Tofu and assorted drinks beside a freezer stocke with frozen prepared foods e.g thai fish cakes Freezer stocked with dumpling and buns, wonton and spring roll wrappers




Shelf stocked with Korean and Japanese Foods Shelf stocked with Snack foods, tinned vegetables and dried foods



Shelf stocked with Noodles, Sauces and Pastes, Flours Shelf stocked with Seasonings, Spices and Sauces




Shelf Stocked with Sauces, Oils, Dried goods and Flours Shelf Stocked with Rice and Bulk Goods



Shelf stocked with lots of spices

Vegetarian Foods, Snacks and Tinned Vegetables

Fresh Noodles, Roti, Fresh Vegetables and Kim Chi

Assorted Drinks, Tofu, Fish cakes Edamame etc

Dumpling and Buns, Wonton and Spring Roll Wrappers

Korean and Japanese Foods

Snack Foods, Dried Products and Tinned Foods                       

Noodles, Sauces and Pastes and Flours      

Seasonings, Spices and Sauces                

Sauces, Oils, Dried goods and Flours     

Rice and Bulk Goods                 



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